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24 Mar 2019
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TOPIC: Heart races for no particular reason....anyone else?

Heart races for no particular reason....anyone else? 8 months 2 weeks ago #8105

Had anyone else experienced their heart racing for no particular reason. Pectus E is now a big pain in my arse. Parents were told by doctors in UK and Mass General purely cosmetic. Learned to live with the body image issues and eventually got implants which helped tremendously with bathing suits and left me free to just buy a bathing suit without the struggle of inserts to mask the assymetry. Now as I have aged a stiffening chest wall coupled with the weight of the impants I am told are the reason for my shortness of breath with moderate exercise. Also, recently have had tachycardia ( heart races)...a while back just began fainting for reasons no one could determine. I am scheduled for a modified Ravitch next year and the idea of a new life free from the ever present struggle to breath normally is so amazing. Too bad that they did not recognize the value of corrective surgery when I was younger but then again the medical advancements are also a blessing. Positive news for this post 50 pectus warrior from anyone as I mentally prepare would be welcome.

Heart races for no particular reason....anyone else? 7 months 2 weeks ago #8174

Good luck with your Ravitch, I had mine in 2002. The first few weeks after the surgery are not easy, you will need some pain medication. But after that things get better. Couple of months later and the scar will be less visible.

The issue with your heart I think is more a mental problem, anxiety or stress.

That being said, after the surgery I had serious mental issues. In some situations my heart was beating like crazy for a few seconds, but that was anxiety.
So I ended in the hospital in the psychiatric department. There I started medication and that helped a lot.
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Heart races for no particular reason....anyone else? 7 months 1 week ago #8188

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Hi GodsChild,

As someone in a similar age bracket, I can identify with the racing heart and shortness of breath. I in fact first had a racing heart at age 13 during my first ever speech at high school and afterwards my parents took me quickly to hospital where I was diagnosed with hyperventilation syndrome.

I was only just diagnosed with PE as being a thing in 2018. Ok, excessive physcal, emotional or mental stress races my heart which has negatively impacted upon my work, social and relationships. I'm actually quite fit and social now through consistency rather than big efforts and are working full-time, although I have to really try and moderate stress especially in the workplace to avoid burning out with mental and physical fatigue, it very annoying, but appreciate gains that are awesome. Out of this place, I'm now getting information for it's own sake at this point.

Hope that helps in some small way.
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