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TOPIC: 28 year old 12 years post nuss

28 year old 12 years post nuss 1 week 14 hours ago #7818

Hey there. I'm 28 year old man in Canada who has the nuss procedure done when I was 13 years old. I remember when I woke up looking at my chest and seeing that the indent was still there although it had been slightly improved. My surgeon told me that my case that was unique because my ribs flair out at the bottom, that never made much sense to me because there was still a large dent in the centre of my sternum as well as flared ribs. I had the bar taken out when I was 16 and I remember showing my chest to people and they still would tell me my chest looked ugly. The pain also never fully went away the ribs that actually were corrected by the bar are sensitive and sore and the area around my incision still sometimes causes stabbing spasms. I more or less continued to live a pretty happy life and I never let it bother me too much or hold me back. I never had any problem with women or anything like that thankfully. Lately its really been on my mind though and I feel like its been a lot more painful as of late, and is beginning to make me go kind of crazy. I just thought I'd join to support group and talk about my pectus with people and hopefully this will help me somehow.

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