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24 Mar 2019
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TOPIC: Symmetrical PE with Platythorax

Symmetrical PE with Platythorax 2 years 10 months ago #5243

Hey all.

I recently had a CT scan done at the Mayo in Jacksonville. However my cardiologist didn't even know what a Haller index was. So I'm looking into sending my records to somebody who will take me seriously. My dent isn't super deep but my chest is just too small in general (platythorax). Is there a way to find your Haller on your own? And any surgeons in Florida who will take PE with Platythorax seriously? I have all the symptoms but my heart is still doing well. Also, my friends and family think this is all so silly. So I'd love to see a doctor who will really help me.

Any input is appreciated!!

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Symmetrical PE with Platythorax 2 years 10 months ago #5247

Hi MaddieDea and welcome to the group. Have you looked into Dr Jaroszewski at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix? I know its not Florida, but I personally think that she is the best. Her website is DrJPectus.com Also are you on Facebook? I know someone else with platythorax and you both may want to talk. I don't believe that she is on these forums, but I can ask her. My Facebook link is www.facebook.com/wkranzjr you can friend me then send me a message if you are interested in me reaching out to her. I get a lot of friend requests so just tell me that you are MaddieDea from Pectus.com if you decide to do that. Thanks.

Symmetrical PE with Platythorax 2 years 10 months ago #5262

Dr. J gets mentioned a lot here and for good reason. Naturally, there is a longer wait to see her but patience pays off. That's not to say there aren't other surgeons in the States who are similarly experienced and talented. I also believe that symmetrical excavatum is the condition with the highest rate of success from surgery, but there are still risks. It would be devastating if the operation made your chest worse. That is probably why the cardiologist was not encouraging surgery. The risk/reward needs to be considered. Ultimately everyone is going to take the path that they believe best. If you do go for surgery, definitely minimize your risk by going with someone who specializes in excavatum and basically only that. Don't go with a freelancing cardio thoracic surgeon. Good luck!

Symmetrical PE with Platythorax 2 years 10 months ago #5263

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You can calculate it on your own, but Haller's are for insurance companies :P
Go to the surgeon's tab on this website, find a nearby surgeon within your age and insurance group, if your under 25 you'll have lots of options.
Make an appointment and send them your CT. Have lots of questions (#1 whats my Haller index?) and go talk with them. I saw 5 different doctors before having surgery. That's why we call it a journey a lot of times here.
Get their opinion and read the reviews for them. If your still unsure ask the forum, we are here for you! :)
Family doctors and cardiologists frequently downplay Pectus, Go to an expert in the field and it doesn't have to be Dr J. She is awesome but usually reserved for difficult(re-do) and older patients(me).

Symmetrical PE with Platythorax 2 years 10 months ago #5264

Thanks so much. And my cardiologist didn't even know surgeries for PE was a thing. I'm really struggling to find a doctor who will take me seriously. But I can't continue life like this if it's possible I may not have to! I experience all of the symptoms so it's pretty life altering. /: Can't imagine chasing kids around in a few years with how I feel! :P Thanks for the input guys!

Symmetrical PE with Platythorax 4 months 3 days ago #8785

How did it go?
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