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24 Mar 2019
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HERE is everything about my research in summary:
The PE disorder occurs in 1 in 400 people, mostly boys than girls ( 4/1 ), and in 88 percent in caucasian people (western).
In the last year and a half i have been doing some ORTHOTROPICS therapy treatment,. It's a new branch of orthodontics, where they believe the cause of the crocked teeth is in the modern diet we eat, because the teeth of our ancestors , long time ancestors (100 000 years ago), were perfectly aligned, and since the beginning of the agriculture and especially industrial revolution , things have changed for the worst in our teeth and facial outlook.
Now why am I mentioning you my sunken chest deformity, and crocked teeth's...where am i going with this? Well I believe these two are connected, they have the same cause of this deformities. And that's the modern diet
I have to start from somewhere...so let's start with orthotropics, and what is it.
It's generally believed that the cause of malocclusion (improper alignment of the jaws...the jaws are not aligned perfectly,the jaw either sticks out,or it's pulled in too much etc...) and crocked teeth is genetics. But it just seems so illogical that we are the only species in this Earth that have this problem. No animal has it, no crocodile, no cows, no wolfs...if they had this problem they would probably die in the wild, but we trough our technology, survive.
And on this notion, a orthodontist from London doctor John Mew, wanted to figure out the way of how does the nature align our teeth in our mouth so perfectly, and why do animals don't need braces. It took him some time to figured it out, but he did it. And the solution is....tarrarara...our TONGUE.
When a tongues rest's on the palate of our mouth, it's such a strong muscle that perfectly makes places for our beautiful dental arches, and beautiful teeth alignment, it tells the teeth where to go. But not only that, it's actually a guide for the bones in our face. It's such a powerful and a strong muscle, that even gradually moves the maxilla, a major bone in our face, and with her the mandible, and makes them to grow properly and aligns them to make our face in a symmetry that nature wanted us to have.
When that muscle works properly you got your Hollywood beauty right there.
OK, that's great...Dusan your saying a tongue is a cause to crocked teeth? Well yes.
In the soft diet of today's time, our tongue is not doing the function that was meant to do...we don't chew properly, and our tongue doesn't rest on our palate. It all starts very early, when we are babies, we don't breast feed as kids enough, so our facial muscles aren't working properly, and they are not developing, thus not making the habit of proper food chewing. And after we get bigger as kids, we start eating milk and cookies and everything soft, even our mothers cut's us the apple into tiny tiny pieces, so we don't bother biting.And because of all the soft diet that's out there, our facial muscles and tongue are not doing the stuff they were meant to do, they are not doing their function. Our tongue rest in the middle of our mouth and not the palate, making the maxilla grow downwards, and making our faces longer.
The results of this are:
1. crocked teeth
2. longer looking, unattractive faces (because the tongue doesn't push the maxilla and the mandible in the right place)
3. mouth breathers
4. bad posture
Now these last 2 ones are crucial, and that is where the connection with Pectus Excavatum deformity and crocked teeth comes in practice.
Evolution built us to breath trough our noses, and not the mouth. Nose is such a natures air cleaning machine , and when maxilla is not in the right place, our nose can't perform it's proper function, the tube's in it start not to be aligned properly. Making thus our mouth to be more open, and not to breath trough our nose.
Then also we got more of allergies that plug up our nose and so on, because of our air cleaning mechanism isn't working properly.
Also when we breath trough our nose,all the time, and this is very important, we use our DIAPHRAGM more.

It's simply logical. Take a syringe for example. When a syringe has a pointy little top,where it spritz, it takes a lot of effort to pool it out,and fill it it, but if you where to cut the whole top from it, the pointy top and the circle around it, it would easily pull down, by it self even.
So in here lays some physics.
If we breath trough our tiny noses, and not the mouth, our respiratory pump, the diaphragm is working more, to fill the lung's at it's full capacity, and as a muscle, with working it out more, to be developing more properly.
So what does she do ...the diaphragm??
We breath 24/7, and if we stop for more than a few minute,we are dead. So because if it was working 24/7, it gives support to our rib cage and sternum to develop properly, and there fore when properly working it can stop deformities such as Pectus Excavatum, Carinatum or rib flare to occur at first place.
So from this,the diaphragm give support to sternum, and the tongue to maxilla.
So how about bad posture?
The neck and shoulders have been slouching inwards more and more in our generations. Now the tongue you remember is a very powerful muscle. So if properly functioning and being constantly on the palate, the force that would it give to our head and neck to be straighter...is extremely big. Just imagine this, the world record in weight lifting by the tongue is 12 kg, and then imagine the whole tongue force constantly put on our palate and head 24/7, trough a a proper diet and chewing habit. It straightens us and gives us a better posture. We then wouldn't be slouching in as much, and there fore making a deformity such as PE worse.
How can I back up these claims....
For orthotropics, just type in google orthotropics, or doctor Mike and John Mew and you will find a tone of research from their side, and other people's research...John Mew book, that's a bible in this area, is called
the reason and cure for malocclusion,
where he explains how and why our teeth and faces started to change.
For PE I give the following:
1. www.researchgate.net/publication/3170861...urgeon's_perspective The citation from an 2016 article where doctor Donald Nuss says that only 40 percent of the patients have some family back round in this area. Doctor Nuss is the most famous guy in PE. The correction procedure for the disorder is called the Nuss Bar procedure, after him.He came up with it. ( And even those 40 percent could be refered to as pottingers cats experiment who had generational degression...more about this in the mail bellow)
2. pdfs.semanticscholar.org/7881/e757f1051c...214728d07d9047b1.pdf A 2012 study from Old Dominion University where they tried to find a single gen connected to PE, but didn't find a single, but multiple ones connected to different clinical traits connected to PE disorder.
Study was done on more than 2000 individuals, and their families of which more then a 100 had PE.
The study also shows how PE patients have more than 5 in average other clinical traits, connected to disorder then other people in the same families they ere born....The study also show 10 most common clinical traits connected to PE. Mostly, thinness, tallness, myopia and crocked teeth (Potingger cats experiment), I will get to these traits and their connection to PE in detail more in below.
3. A webinar from doctor Dawn Jaroszewski, that does more than a 100 surgeries of PE in a year, where she shows the connection of Marfan sindrom deformity and scoliosis to PE patients...but concludes that the cause of PE is still unknown. Here she mentions that PE is mostly imbalanced on the right side, just in a way the diaphragm shape is.

4. Now to show you how a change in diet,effects our whole health.
Doctor Francis Potinger did a famous study on 4 different generations of cats, that lasted for 10 years with over 900 cats
In one study, one group of cats was fed a diet of two-thirds raw meat, one-third raw milk, and cod-liver oil while the second group was fed a diet of two-thirds cooked meat, one-third raw milk, and cod-liver oil. The cats fed the all-raw diet were healthy while the cats fed the cooked meat diet developed various health problems.
By the end of the first generation the cats started to develop degenerative diseases and became quite lazy.By the end of the second generation, the cats had developed degenerative diseases by mid-life and started losing their coordination.
By the end of the third generation the cats had developed degenerative diseases very early in life and some were born blind and weak and had a much shorter life span. Many of the third generation cats couldn't even produce offspring. There was an abundance of parasites and vermin while skin diseases and allergies increased from an incidence of five percent in normal cats to over 90 percent in the third generation of deficient cats. Kittens of the third generation did not survive six months. Bones became soft and pliable and the cats suffered from adverse personality changes. Males became docile while females became more aggressive.The cats suffered from most of the degenerative diseases encountered in human medicine and died out totally by the fourth generation.
In another study, dubbed the "Milk Study," the cats were fed 2/3 milk and 1/3 meat. All groups were fed raw meat with different groups getting raw, pasteurized, evaporated, sweetened condensed or raw metabolized vitamin D milk. The cats on raw milk were the healthiest while the rest exhibited varying degrees of health problems similar to the previous cooked meat study. This particular Pottenger cat study has been cited by advocates of raw milk as evidence that it is likely healthier for humans than pasteurized milk.
Cats are very different then people but, you can see what a change in our everyday diet can do to our offspring in this experiment, a generational change.
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francis_M._Pottenger_Jr .

From all of this i believe that the main cause of PE is improper development of our respiratory system due to our improper diet.
The 80 percent of PE is to mouth breathing, diaphragm not being used, and bad posture.
But why some people have PE and others don't that our mouth breathers as well.
Well it's those other 20 percent.
This now brings me to the 2012 study that shows the 10 most commonly connected clinical traits to PE disorder.
It happens to fast growing, tall and thin people, who genetically (so 20-10 percent is genetics) grow tall.
That's why boys have it much more than girls (4/1 ratio), because they are taller (4/1).
And all of PE patients in the study are higher than average, except few who are young teenager age, and who for their age are taller than average.
Those people who are also thin and don't have their muscles properly developed by posture, don't have enough strength trough their diet,. All of that combined with mouth breathing effect, (where the diaphragm is not working properly and helping their long sternum to stay in the right place and their rib cage to develop properly) is causing Pectus Excavatum deformity to occur.
So from all of this here is a PE equation:
modern diet + bad tongue posture + improper jaw development + mouth breathing + not using the diaphragm and developing it properly + bad posture + fast growing tall people + skinny people + rib flare due to diaphragm not functioning properly + sternum and the rib cage not having the support it needs = PE
This is why it happens in 1/400 people, why it's more rear than crocked teeth disorder. Because there are multiple variables in the equation. Also 88 percent of people who have this are caucesan(people who have modern western diet)...that's why this is a rear disorder in the world.
Well now you wonder where and how I got all of this, I am no medical student, I had no mentor, just my self.
How did i get into this, and why the effort???
Well, first of all I have PE, and I started to do orthotropics because an online you tube doctor on the Orthotropics you tube video, said I would look better, and I do now...It was simple thing...just put your tongue on top of your mouth, close your mouth and breathe trough your nose and you will look better. No big deal, I sad to my self. I tried and woooooow did it work.
But what i didn't expect is form my PE deformity to shrink, thaaat was amazing, I didn't expect too look healthier, to have less allergies, less of ADHD symptoms, to sleep better, breath better....for my over all health to improve...thaaaat blow me away, and made me to look into all of this up much closer.
PE is a bigg bourden for all of us, but it can be stoped.
I personally, as I believe many of you, have had many psychological and physical problems with PE. Problems like not having enough air to run, hiding my deformity, not going to swimming pools, shortness of breath, chest pain and less energy, as well as ADHD symptoms....and many more....
BUT when I started mewing , putting my tongue on the palate and breathing trough my nose, all of these problems have shrunken not by a 100 percent, but 30-40 percent certainly , BECAUSE I STARTED IT LATE AT AGE 25 .
So with more awareness of this , the KIDS IN THEIR TEENS AND EARLIER can effect them selves and this deformity to a much greater margin than I could.

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Potingers cat that's it...here is the stuff...a domestic cat with PE in the link below



A dentist from Japan has sent me this, the change in his patient trough orthotropics with toracic hypoplastia, i have mine pictures with my PE getting better as well. Right side = DIAPHRAGMS

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I've not done much research to the suspected causes of PE so I'm not qualified to really discuss in detail this but I am a bit confused.

What study does that chart come from with the percentages? I feel like we're missing crucial information in that picture.

Additionally, I was breastfed until 2 years, was assigned female at birth, am short (5'4"), have never been a mouth breather, have a short face, and yet I still have PE. So I have a hard time seeing your "cause" of PE as a cause in my case.

Not to mention all of the cases where babies are born with PE as it developed in the womb. I don't doubt that there are correlations between these observations and PE but correlation is not causation.

Additionally, often PE patients are thin because of reduced space for the stomach leading to smaller appetites but not everyone with PE is thin.

To your point about not finding a pectus "gene"...we are very far from fully understanding genetics. We're not even sure of the exact gene of eye color but we do know that it's genetic so not finding a clear genetic instruction for PE is not the same as it not existing.

I think your observations are interesting but I don't think they're quite accurate.


I wrote it all in here, the table is from 2012 tudy done on more than 2000 people, which from 106 have PE.there is a link to complete study of this in this topic.
I also wrote that 40 percent of PE is geneticly transmited, but only in a way, that Francis Potingers cat study showed how the genes are transmited trough a diferent diet in only 4 generations of cats, So your parents, or grandparents , have probably started eating soft modern diet, and got PE, PC or rib flare and than as Potingers shows in his study, PE got transmited to you as a degenerational proces. So you can be born with PE ( 40 percent of the patients), because your parents , or grandparents got PE,PC or rib flare, and because their respiratory system was not developed properly, and they had modern soft diet. There are also pictures in here where is shown how PE is transmited trough generations. look at thatother table, photo with squares you can see, two parents, one myopia, and other traits...other lets say rib flare, other traits and then their off spring got PE.
THE PE, PC or rib flare, a person can get depending on how much stuff he got from the equsation I wrote( there are probably more stuff to the equsation). But the main cause to other 60 percent is that imbalance of the growth of the respiratory system due to our modern diet.
MEWING will became a world wide fenomenom in 2 years top. and then you will see I am right :)
Please look up online for mewing, weston price, and francis potingers. Also I recomend a book, or instagram page from doctor steven lin, the dental diet book, where he nicely explains how our modern soft diet, is not giccing us enough of the vitamin D, and vitamin K, and how makes the imbalance of the respiratory system.
PE is not genetics, it's not a syndrom...it's a man made disorder,from our soft modern diet, that can be generatinaly pasted on, but it can also, be stoped from being passed on, as Potinger shows with his cats.



That's highly anti-scientifical and not helping.

Yes PE is often associated with other clinical problems.
Yes treating them problems as a whole may be actually helpful.
Yes there MAY be a certain degree of retroactions and feedbacks between those problems, maybe creating some kind of vicious cycle.

There are babies being born with PE defect.
There are babies showing the defect while still lactating.
There are babies not growing particularly tall nor slender NOR having malocclusion problems AND still showing a severe worsening of their PE through adolescence.

This whole "theory" is constructed the way scams and horoscopes are built.


What is unscientific about this? The 2012 study on 2000 people, or the frnacis potinger a decade long. Study on cats, or lifelong study of 2 generations of orthodontics of orthotropics... or that i have results by changing my way od breathing. And yes babies do have PE, but scientificly is shown that change in one generation can afect the next one. Example doctor Rhonda Patric talks on you tube about how fat people can transfer their genes trough sperm to next generation but if they lose weight thier sperm structure changes.
Don’t reffer to me as sharlatan, as snake salesman or something, read the whole thing, this is not horoscop this is 3 stydies world renaunce combined. Read them. Look up the info. People will start addressing this with orthotropics getting more popular. Time is on my side
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