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RH replied to the topic 'Brace' in the forum. yesterday

If you're referring to PE, I don't think it would be possible to fix it with a brace since the sternum/ribs need to be fixed/propped up from the inside.

I'm not sure about PC -- I would imagine it *could* be fixed using only a brace. :-/


RH replied to the topic 'Following Nuss procecure, when will these go away? (PICS)' in the forum. yesterday

Thanks, iPectus! I am very happy with the results. Dr. J did a great job.

I had my 6 week follow up X-Rays taken yesterday (which was actually more like 7 and a half weeks) and already mailed them to Dr. J. I'm pretty sure she'll give me the all-clear to resume all activities, including chest exercises. Looking forward to resuming my upper body workouts.


ipectus replied to the topic 'Sleep Apnea' in the forum. yesterday

definitely keep us updated on this - I would love to know if you feel more energy during the day.


ipectus replied to the topic 'Following Nuss procecure, when will these go away? (PICS)' in the forum. yesterday

These folds indeed go away - took mine a few months. Your outcome is exceptional! Congratulations on the repair - you must be happy about that.


ipectus replied to the topic 'Post nuss: Deformity on left side of chest, is this normal?' in the forum. yesterday

I can't see your images, but this crease is very common and will go away. Took mine a few months before it was gone. Won't last forever!


Friskyseal replied to the topic 'Post nuss: Deformity on left side of chest, is this normal?' in the forum. 1 week ago

I would not say it is normal but it is also not uncommon, does that make sense? It's not swelling; I believe it is simply a "creasing" of the soft tissue over the bar or stabilizer underneath. It has to do with where and how the hardware was placed. When the bar was inserted you were laying down flat on a table. When you sit up, the soft tissue moves forward and catches the bar and creates that fold. I'll bet if you laid down flat on your back and looked at it now, there would be no issue. That's how it looked to the surgeon when it was placed.

It should relax over time as the soft tissue gets more used to the bar. I can't give you a time frame but two weeks is no time at all--give it two months, at least. Unfortunately it's not something that's going to just disappear overnight, it should slowly improve. Exercise will help speed things up, as getting moving will help to "loosen things up." It's nothing to worry about but definitely mention it to your surgeon at the next follow up.


ATH created a new topic ' Post nuss: Deformity on left side of chest, is this normal?' in the forum. 1 week ago

Hi guys

It’s been two weeks since i had the nuss procedure and so far recovery have been good.

However, since the operation I have had a large dent on my left chest causing my nipple to point to the ground. The dent is located above the incision and thus not caused by the scar itself I think. I’m a bit worried by this as I was told that the swelling should be gone by now.

Is this something normal that will go away over time or should I contact my doctor? If it will disappear by it self how long should it take approximately? Here is a few pictures:

i.imgur.com/KdeM8Qb.jpg i.imgur.com/0VHHjdL.jpg

Any feedback is appreciated.


BakedAlaskan replied to the topic 'Following Nuss procecure, when will these go away? (PICS)' in the forum. 1 week ago

I once had a co-worker who cut into her hand using a sawzall. I expected her to have a nasty scar. The next time I saw her, she had no scar at all. Her solution? Pure, raw honey. I forgot all about that trick after my surgery and also have the pinching effect you mention. Try the honey method (cover it with a Band Aid to prevent stickiness) and see if it works. As for myself, I kind of like my scars. Best of luck.


pectuschris09 replied to the topic 'Vacuum bell' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

I got mine off of eBay. You don't need anything too fancy just one that can pull the chest forward. I would also recommend foam rolling/stretching before using it as it makes the rib cage more flexible. If it hurts when using it you're either using it wrong or are too assymetrical. It should feel like pressure but almost feel good in a way.


chris87 replied to the topic 'Vacuum bell' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Is it possible to get a Klobe Vacuum Bell in the US? It seems to be the only one that's tested and certified as a medical product.
I've only found one on ebay that ships internationally

Not sure if I'd trust the "fake" ones from Russia or elsewhere.


RuthMurray replied to the topic 'Sleep Apnea' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Yes I have heard that cpap can help in curing sleep apnea and hydrotherapy too.


RuthMurray replied to the topic 'sleep apnea' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Hi Murlumpa,
Not me, but one of my friends has the personal experience with sleep apnea. She has suffered a lot with this disorder. On getting treated by one the professional doctor, she was suggested to get the walk in tub installed for relief in her sleep apnea. This sounds wiered but it has a major advantage in curing the sleep apnea disorder. It has been scientifically proven that hydrotherapy helps in curing the sleep apnea in much better and faster way, and the walk in bathtubs gives the hydrotherapy feature in the tub itself so that the user does not have to travel to the therapy centers. She got the tub installed from the Walk in tubs Glendale and started using the hydrotherapy from their very first day of installation. It has helped her in recovering from the sleep apnea disorder and now she sleeps without any worries and difficulties.


RuthMurray replied to the topic 'Heart murmur?' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the reply Anna. I was also looking for this.


RuthMurray replied to the topic 'Need advice on my results' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

I think you have to work little bit to get your stomach flat. Just a little bit effort.


pectuschris09 created a new topic ' Vacuum bell' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

This post is to give advice for those who are considering using a vacuum bell. You don't see much information on it at all so hopefully this can put that out there a little bit. If anybody has any questions please ask away. So here are a few things. I advise you to be consistent with it. It can change your sternum if you use it consistently. Also monitor your progress very closely and get your doctor in on it too if you can. Also don't use too much pressure. I made that mistake and all that does is lift your rib cage too far. You only need to lift it a little bit at a time. 15-30 minutes at a moderate pressure should be fine. You should also foam roll and stretch after using it. This helps everything sit more symmetrically after using one. The vacuum bell is really for people with symmetrical pectus. If you have assymetrical pectus you can try it but it can make your chest even more assymetrical if you're not careful. I'm sure most people either learn to live with their condition or get surgery. And either of those might actually be better options in reality. But the vacuum bell is a pretty neat thing to try. I would feel healthier right away after using one so the effects are instantaneous.


RH replied to the topic 'Surgery day is here (3/30/17)! -- Rob's journey - UPDATED 5/11/17' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Today is my 6-week post-op date. My healing is still going very well. I'm completely off all meds. I still have some tenderness across my chest and at the incision sites but I'm just learning to live with it until it goes away. I got constipated about a week or so after returning home and couldn't keep any food down until my internal plumbing cleared out. That was fun. Narcotics can definitely lead to constipation.

WORKING OUT: I started going back to the gym at the 4-week mark but I'm only doing lower body movements and the exercise bike.

SLEEPING: I've started sleeping on my sides for part of the night, which is great because I'm a side sleeper. I wish I could make it the whole night on my side but I'm not quite there yet.

WEIGHT LOSS: On the day of surgery, I weighed somewhere around 190-192. I've dropped down to 175 as of today. On one hand, I like that my stomach has slimmed down quite a bit but I've also lost quite a bit of muscle. That part sucks because I worked really hard to put it on in the first place. A big part of that is due to my appetite being considerably lower since surgery and I'm not eating nearly enough food/protein. Oh well, I'll just have to build it back up over the next several months.


RH replied to the topic 'Following Nuss procecure, when will these go away? (PICS)' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

I'm using Mederma immediately after getting out of the shower and then I put on silicone strips right before bed. Using this 2-pronged approach, I'm hoping the scars will heal faster and with the best possible results. I can feel the scar tissue under each incision and it feels very "rubbery." I guess time will tell if that softens up or not.


Berty replied to the topic 'Need advice on my results' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Thanks for your input guys.

5 weeks after surgery now. Here is some updated snaps from a few angles. Still a big depression in my eyes between my pecs and just right down the middle.

I wonder if with a good workout routine for chest I can iron a lot of that out now I have something of a better shape to work with.


Tino replied to the topic 'Who are top surgeons for PC?' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Best thing would be if you get more info about this operation in your mother language. Maybe you can get help with a translation.

Muscles and nerves will be affected with this operation but it will also healing again. I had also some nerve pain, it's normal to get that with an operation. It is a minimal invasive operation but there are still some uncomfortable things to get over.

It's important that you now why you do this operation and how important it is for you and your health. If you clear about this, it will make your journey much easier.


Jordan replied to the topic '3 Weeks post bar removal' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Hi Gina,
I had pectus excavatum......and the redo for a couple reasons. Though Dr. Schaarschmidt has had many success stories, I was not happy with my experience.
1. After my procedure I still had severe PE
2. I had some muscle trapped under bar
3. I only had one bar in and was in pretty significant pain (I was 39 at the time) It was significant and could not lead a normal lifestyle. Additionally, I had an infection, had to have 3-4 thoracentesis procedures (Lungs drained because filling with fluid).

After redo, (3 bars) I had very little pain and became more physically active than ever before. The entire experience was exact opposite. Nothing but great things to say about Dr J and team.

Now I am happy. The physical result I think overall is excellent, there has been some regression, and I have some rib flare, but I feel much better.

I'd say my overall experience with Dr Schaarschmidt was poor.....If able, I'd seek Dr J for your redo
Good luck with your decision and let me know if you have any more questions.


gina replied to the topic 'Who are top surgeons for PC?' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

he told me to put 3 bars with reverse nuss and he will cut like a sort of" revitch "the most depressed part that's exactly
under my right breast
I did not understand much but for sure i will have 3 bars.
I would like to understand the technique because I would not have problems with the muscles or nerves.
I've read that some people with this technique have been affected by these problems..


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