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Orthopedic Gloves are implemented to produce extra safe during complicated or careful orthopedic surgery, particularly against bone fragments and other surgical debris. The surface of the gloves is designed to maximize instrument grip and comfort.



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Foley Balloon Catheters have been safely designed to ensure that the balloon materials, tips, and fluid channel produce the best possible performance and the highest degree of comfort to patients while in use. Nulife uses high-quality medical grade materials to ensure biocompatibility.



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You can’t stop the Bucs defensive line The least you can do is say you’re sorry. We all make mistakes Fletcher Cox Jersey , it’s easy to do. The hard part is admitting them, nobody likes to be wrong. When we watch sports, we see a lot of apologies. It can be as simple as a gesture, a player tapping their chest, indicating they made a mistake. It can be a coach taking the full blame for his team’s failures. Or it can be a team making wholesale changes to a weak spot.Last season the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ defensive line was perhaps the worst in the league. No team had fewer sacks or a lower sack rate, and they had the 7th worst yards per carry against. To rectify this, they used multiple draft picks and committed over $39 million in guaranteed money to overhaul their line. They should be better, but better is a long way from great. Today we’re going to give them the greatest defensive line ever seen. And to help them on their quest of dominance, we’re pitting them against the worst offensive line we could assemble.The Buccaneers Defensive LineI kept the Bucs DL as their real life players, but gave them 99 ratings in everything, as if they stumbled into the Captain America serum while trying to create a cure for MRSA. No other changes were made.The Eagles Offensive LineI removed every real life Eagles offensive lineman and replaced them with you, the reader. I asked you to tell me about the saddest purchase they ever made.StartersLeft Tackle: Devour ChaosAttention to detail is key in movies. In Silver Linings Playbook, Jacki Weaver had a Kevin Kolb jersey, which was perfect for the character. She got an Oscar nomination. You get to start against JPP. Fitting user name too.Left Guard: Red WeddinThose are only acceptable at over-the-top campy bars.Center: Andrew JacksonWe’ve all impulse purchased before.Right Guard: The DFCThis game was set to be free to play, but instead it cost $30 on release, then it was free to play. That all happened in a span of the previous 12 months. Today it ceased to exist.Right Tackle: Scott Authentic Darren Sproles Jersey , With RageDid you also own MiniDiscs and LaserDiscs?BackupsTackle: Brandon VidrineWell you’re in the game now. It’s like a trial run of being in hell.Guard: Drew McAuliffeAt least you found a use for it.Center: Mike KontoliosEvery player was given a 0 in every rating except two: The game will not let you have a injury rating below 11; and since you volunteered this for this you have some level of toughness in you, so everyone got a 50 toughness. Their overall rating was 12, and dragged down the Eagles team rating from 90 to 63. Oddly, the Buccaneers superhuman linemen didn’t raise them at all. I don’t think the people who make this game know how to do math. I gave every regular person random normal person heights and weights and random equipment.The GameI let the game sim it with full 15 minute quarters. This is not recommended, it takes nearly three hours.The Eagles offense was, surprisingly, not comically inept. Nick Foles’s first two attempts were completed for 23 and 16 yards, and he was able to complete 23 of his 41 attempts. However he dropped back 51 times, taking 10 sacks. There were two safeties. The Eagles ran the ball 23 times for -16 yards. The offensive line committed 22 false starts. The Bucs won 34-10, the blowout disrupted by four Ryan Fitzpatrick interceptions and a blocked field goal. The Eagles had no chance because their offense line were children playing a man’s game.That is going to leave a mark.Midway through the 1st quarter, left guard Red Weddin left the game with an injury. His backup, Drew McAuliffe, was no help.McAuliffe and The DFC were even useless on good plays. Nick Foles threw a 57 yard touchdown while his guards did nothing.Doing absolutely nothing was a theme.At times, it was a group effort. Red Weddin returned, and was of no assistance.Things got so bad that it rubbed off on the defense, who got a case of the Keystone Cops.The one guy actually trying was Scott Youth Jason Kelce Jersey , With Rage. He was useless.His teammates may have noticed and rally themselves. Sort of. DeVour Chaos pretended to care, attempting to fend off JPP with one hand. Maybe he felt pity.It was surprising that Nick Foles wasn’t injured. And it was surprising that apparently all of the linemen were jerks. Nobody was sorry. Nobody helped Foles up off the ground. Nobody apologized to Jay Ajayi for the safeties. Least Valuable PlayerThere were two choices. Center Lewis Jones was called for so many false starts I actually lost track. He had at least 8. But I give the award to right guard The DFC, who had the most lowlights and the worst of them all. After letting Gerald McCoy breeze right by him to score the second safety of the game, did he apologize to Jay Ajayi? No. He talked trash.The least you could do is say you’re sorry. The Philadelphia Eagles lost to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football, 27-20. Here are some thoughts on this highly disappointing defeat.1 - The Eagles’ season is probably overSad to say, but it’s probably true.We knew the stakes coming into this game. A win meant a 70% chance at the playoffs. A loss meant dropping to 35%.Well, the Eagles lost. Philadelphia is now third in the NFC East and 11th overall in the NFC playoff picture. They’re not mathematically eliminated, no. But let’s be real. It’s Week 10 and this team hasn’t been able to string together back-to-back wins all season. What’s the likelihood they’re going to get hot down the stretch and make a run? Not saying you have to give up on the team. Stranger things have happened. Still seven games left, with four against divisional opponents. But the odds are certainly not in their favor. More likely than not, they’re done.The Eagles are very much staring 4-6 in the face with a road game against the juggernaut Saints up next.2 - Doug Pederson deserves a lot of blameThe Eagles had no great reason to lose this game. They were coming off their bye. The Cowboys were coming off a short week after playing on Monday Night Football.The Cowboys were 0-4 road and averaging 13.5 points per game in those four losses. And yet the Eagles lost.The offense struggled out of the gate, going three-and-out on their first drive of the game. This didn’t look like a team ready to make a statement that they’re back.For a team that’s talked a lot about getting off to fast starts, the Eagles only put three points in the first half. And it took a 56-yard field goal to get those three points. The Eagles obviously improved in the second half by scoring 17 in the final two quarters but the overall output just isn’t enough in today’s NFL. The team’s offensive struggles and lack of urgency ultimately do not reflect well on Pederson. I’m not even going to get into nit-picking specific play calls. The overall theme is that the offense is just not good enough. It’s not inspiring. It feels like the Eagles have to work so hard to generate their offense. It’s hardly as effortless as other teams in the league (Saints, Rams, Chiefs, etc.). A team that was so good at moving the sticks last year only managed to convert four of 12 combined third/fourth down attempts on Sunday night.The struggles really make you wonder about Pederson. I think it’s too much to say he’s a total fraud who was only propped up by Frank Reich and/or John DeFilippo. He was ultimately the one calling plays during the Eagles’ Super Bowl season in 2017.But with Reich and Flip now gone, it’s hard to ignore how the offense has lost its’ luster. The truth is the Eagles were always due for some offensive regression because they were just so good in key areas last year. But the regression has been compounded by the absence of good coaches.I can’t help but wonder if the Eagles were a little too hasty in making internal promotions http://www.eaglesauthorizedshops.com/authentic-jay-ajayi-jersey , especially with Mike Groh at offensive coordinator. Maybe having a new, more experienced voice from the outside would’ve helped Pederson more. He’s ultimately in charge of his staff.It’s hard not to be losing faith in Pederson right now. He just hasn’t done a great job of coaching this team.3 - Jim Schwartz isn’t off the hook, eitherAgain, the Cowboys were averaging 13.5 points on the road this season. Schwartz’s unit allowed them to double that figure on Sunday night.The Eagles ultimately had no answer for Ezekiel Elliott, who ran 19 times for 151 yards (7.9) average and one touchdown. He also had six receptions for 36 yards and one score.Schwartz’s unit allowed Dak Prescott to have one of his best games of the season. Prescott finished with a season high in completion percentage and his third best passer rating at 102.8 overall.In fairness to Schwartz’s unit, the secondary was pretty depleted, especially when Ronald Darby went down with a knee injury. At that the point the Eagles were missing their top three corners and a starting safety. Not ideal. Philadelphia was down to Rasul Douglas, undrafted rookie free agent Chandon Sullivan, and recent acquistion Cre’Von LeBlanc at corner.But injuries don’t explain away all of the defense’s struggles. A common theme that’s persisted throughout the season now is this unit’s inability to come up in the clutch. For example, the Eagles FINALLY get on the board with a field goal late in the second quarter and then the Eagles allow the Cowboys to easily march down the field for a touchdown drive. Then the Eagles finally string together some touchdown drives of their own and the defense immediately hands the momentum back over to the other side.We saw this same issue against the Titans, Panthers, and even Jaguars. I brought this up following the Jacksonville game:On the whole, the offense deserves more blame than the defense this season. But Schwartz’s unit still deserves criticism.4 - Carson Wentz failed to come up big in another big spotCarson Wentz was 7-0 in his last NFC East games. This was his opportunity to advance to 8-0 in a big way.Once again, however, Wentz ultimately didn’t come up big in a big moment.The numbers certainly weren’t bad: 32/44, 360 yards Brandon Brooks Jersey , 8.2 average, 2 TD, 1 INT, 102.5 passer rating. And zero fumbles! But those numbers don’t show the plays that Wentz left on the field. Wentz had Alshon Jeffery open in the end zone for a touchdown but he got the ball out too late and the contested pass ended up being complete. The Eagles settled for a red zone field goal instead of seven points. Wentz’s accuracy was off on some other throws as well. And his interception, which was a really bad throw, just set a bad tone early on.Wentz is a very good quarterback and the Eagles’ future is potentially bright with him under center. But the Eagles need him to come up bigger in big moments such as Sunday night’s game.5 - There’s really no run game to rely upon Eagles running back carries over the last three games:Smallwood is average at best and Clement is just giving this team nothing. Adams has been the team’s most efficient rusher but unfortunately it’s not as simple as giving him all the carries. Adams is an undrafted rookie who is a non-factor as a pass catcher (one reception) this year. It just sucks the Eagles can’t rely on the run to make life easier on Wentz at times. 6 - The Golden Tate trade is already looking questionableThe Eagles gave up a 2019 third-round pick for Tate. In his first game with the Eagles, Tate only played about 20% of Philadelphia’s snaps. He was targeted four times and had two receptions for 19 yards.Tate only has seven more games with the Eagles before he becomes a free agent this offseason. The Eagles may have given up a significant draft pick for a rental who won’t really be able to help the team make the playoffs.7 - Zach Ertz is having hell of a seasonOn a positive note, the Eagles have a great tight end. Zach Ertz finished the game with 14 receptions for 145 yards and two touchdowns. He’s up to 75 receptions for 789 yards and five touchdowns on the season. Where would this unimpressive Eagles offense be without him?8 - Michael Bennett is killing it, tooBennett had a strong game against Dallas. He finished the night with two solo tackles, two sacks, two tackles for loss, and four quarterback hits. Bennett now leads the Eagles in sacks this season with 5.5. He’s easily been the team’s best offseason addition.9 - There’s a reason why Jalen Mills wasn’t getting benched I’d like to think I’m neither a Mills hater nor a Mills stan. But I must note that the Eagles’ defense still struggled without everyone’s favorite scapegoat. And it was Mills’ replacement — Rasul Douglas — who was getting toasted in coverage. Now you might see why the coaching staff had Mills ahead of Douglas. It’s not like Douglas is this infallible stud who’s an obvious upgrade on Mills.10 - Maybe the Eagles are playing four dimensional chess? Maybe the Eagles lost on purpose so the Cowboys keep Jason Garrett and Dak Prescott around for the long-term?!Nah. The Eagles needed to win this game. I’m just looking for a silver lining here.11 - Trying to put a disappointing season in perspectiveI feel like I’ve mentioned this before but I find the need to put the Eagles’ struggles in perspective. Winning in the NFL just isn’t easy. There’s a reason why there hasn’t been a repeat winner in the NFC East since 2004. And why there’s only been one repeat Super Bowl winner in the salary cap era. It’s just tough. The Patriots missed the playoffs the year after they won their first Super Bowl in the Bill Belichick era. The Eagles had a bad year in 2005 after having a great season when they went to the Super Bowl in 2004. I’m not saying this means you shouldn’t be upset about the Eagles having a disappointing season. But this idea that they’re blowing a golden opportunity to repeat just isn’t true. Also, just because the Eagles aren’t having a good season in 2018 doesn’t mean their 2017 Super Bowl championship is any less legit. That still very much counts.At the same time, there are very real issues with this franchise moving forward. It’s completely fair to express concerns about such.


Simba replied to the topic 'Successful Nuss Surgery' in the forum. 2 days ago


Do you feel comfortable to share some pre and post op pics?


Fish created a new topic ' Successful Nuss Surgery' in the forum. 2 days ago


I just wanted to offer answering any questions about PE surgery.

I had 3 Nuss bars placed in 2015 at age 42 and had them removed last week at age 45. My haller index was 13.7. The surgery was performed by Dr J in Arizona.

Feel free to ask here or private message. Obviously, my experience is most beneficial to older patients who are considering surgery.


Simba replied to the topic 'Nuss bar In for 10 years!' in the forum. 2 days ago

dh66 wrote: Ask if titanium is an option as this reduces the possibility of reacting to stainless steel which I've heard could happen long term.

I hope I'm not saying something stupid but as far as I know titanium is never used to mold prosthetics that are meant to be removed, because it is always going to form a strong bond and adherence with live tissues, hence the common choice for other kind of metals in order to create a metal bar wich can be removed easily and without risks after few years...


Shezlondon replied to the topic 'Nuss bar In for 10 years!' in the forum. 2 days ago

Hiya. I think your right about it getting stuck to tissue etc. As mine was in for 10 years when they took it out they did struggle as it was well stuck in there. I also asked to keep the bar but in the end I couldn’t as they said there was too much of me on the bar :-o


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Defensive lineman David Irving returned to practice for the Cowboys this week and he expects to see his first game action of the 2018 season as well.Irving served a four-game suspension to start the year and had been on leave from the team since it ended while dealing with a custody battle. Irving did not want to talk about the custody issue Jermey Parnell Jersey , but did say he feels good and that he’s been told he’ll play about 10-15 snaps against the Jaguars.“That’s what they say now but if it’s a close game, I know good and well [defensive coordinator Rod] Marinelli is going to be sending me out there and putting me through the ringer. I’m ready for it Brandon Linder Jersey ,” Irving said, via Kate Hairopoulos of the Dallas Morning News.Irving had seven sacks in eight games for the Cowboys last year and Marinelli will be happy to have another pass rushing option at his disposal now that Irving’s extended absence from the team has come to an end.Jaguars vs. Giants Week 1 injury report: Jacksonville fully healthy Cheap Logan Cooke Jersey , Olivier Vernon ruled out Well, this is a first — the Jacksonville Jaguars are completely healthy going into their Week 1 season opener against the New York Giants.No one is on the injury report.Not even a PROBABLE.It’s just a blank white square. Look at it. LOOK AT IT.I’ve literally never seen this before. Austin Seferian-Jenkins went to New Jersey and missed Wednesday practice as a precautionary on a core muscle muscle injury. He’s a go. Brandon Linder had an issue with his knee. He’s a go. Jermey Parnell also had an issue with his knee. He’s a go.Jalen Ramsey’s ankle? Good to go. All were held out of portions of practice this week. All healthy and ready to face the Giants.The same cannot be said for our opponent. Olivier Vernon and Tae Davis were both ruled out today and Lorenzo Carter is dealing with an illness. That’s three linebackers down for the Giants.Leonard Fournette is gonna eat Youth Logan Cooke Jersey , y’all.


dh66 replied to the topic 'Nuss Surgery with Prof. Schaarschmidt on Dec 6 (m, 29yrs)' in the forum. 2 days ago

C123 - wow! working 70 hours per-week. What was your endurance like pre-surgery? You've almost convinced me to get mine fixed.


PRF replied to the topic 'Pectus excavatum 24yo, need advice.' in the forum. 3 days ago


It's been almost 6 years since you last wrote. I sympathize with your story, as ours has gone on for more than 10 years and we have only just now figured out that our son needs surgery. So many doctors told us it was just cosmetic or treated us like we were trying to find something wrong with him. He has succeeded at going to school and following his passions despite all the health problems and seriously underweight condition.

I hope you are doing better, and that you figured out what you needed!


PRF replied to the topic 'Pectus excavatum 24yo, need advice.' in the forum. 3 days ago


Thank you for your post. It has been years since you posted your son's photos, but I am really hoping you will receive this email and respond.

My son is turning 21 next month and has just agreed to schedule PE surgery for end of May this year. He has suffered from undiagnosed, misunderstood stomach problems for ? at least 10 years. Mainly low appetite, nausea with eating, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies across the board. Doctors put him on "stomach acid" (betaine HCL) to help with digesting his food.... and that has helped a LITTLE, but he hates taking the pills with every meal.

Recently we heard that some percentage of PE patients present as VERY thin and with low appetite and nausea with eating, and we are so hoping that some of this will clear up with the PE surgery. I'm wondering if the digestive issues cleared up for your son after surgery? I hope all is well 5 years out....
thank you!


dh66 replied to the topic 'Doctors not strongly advising for Surgery: How common?' in the forum. 3 days ago


Excavatum compressing and severly displacing his heart) but instead with a different surgery involving correcting the defect related to some blood vessel which was malfunctioning due to the strain on tissues caused by his heart being out of his "normal" proper place.

That's a very accurate depiction of how I would imagine a displaced heart caused be PE would cause symptoms and could be relieved. Small Incision Sternoplasty (SIS) could certainly fix the physical appearance of PE in me, but it might only have a limited effected on endurance. I imagine my heart, lungs and stomach etc., have shaped themselves to function around the defect and may not revert fully to their original position naturally. Interesting!


PRF replied to the topic 'Nuss bar In for 10 years!' in the forum. 3 days ago

Simba, yes, that is my understanding. Current practice is to take the bars out after 3 to 5 years.


PRF replied to the topic 'Digestive problems after Nuss failure' in the forum. 3 days ago

Warrior Saint, hello!

We are wondering if you have re-done the Nuss procedure and what kind of results you've had??! I hope you are doing well and that the digestive symptoms have resolved.

My son experiences most of those same symptoms, and has had them for at least 10 years. He has not yet had the Nuss procedure, but is scheduled to have it done in May 2019. We have been to every possible doctor about the digestive issues, and no one is able to pinpoint their cause. I did see an article somewhere that there does seem to be a group of PE patients who experience low appetite, nausea and or pain with eating (and, in my son's case, passing undigested fat and having many vitamin and mineral deficiencies). We are SO hoping these digestive issues resolve, because he is very thin and struggles to gain any weight.

How are you doing?


dh66 replied to the topic 'Nuss bar In for 10 years!' in the forum. 3 days ago

Hi Edgar,

I concur with the others that keeping Nuss bars in long-term runs the risk of adhering to cartilage etc., although everyone's body responds differently.

Personally, If the surgeon inspired confidence in me and I was 14 I would take the risk far easier. And, the further I got along the age spectrum, my reluctance for the Nuss would increase, but be encouraged, there are some very cleaver surgeons and/or alternative procedures (variations on the Ravitch which have evolved) which hugely minimize risk of regression.


Jlittleton replied to the topic 'Mayo in MN' in the forum. 3 days ago

I believe once you are told what is needed for tests, it would possibly be easier to have everything (tests) done locally, would save you time and money. Once the tests are completed, then you should submit what is needed to your insurance for coverage and benefit information. I am not that familiar with what services are available in North Dakota, but I live in South Dakota and I believe Sanford Health Systems are outstanding, in my opinion, I believe they have services in ND. Good Luck!


Jlittleton replied to the topic 'Nuss procedure mostly for cosmetics?' in the forum. 3 days ago

Agree with the responses, you should get the "ball" rolling and follow up with your physician on your chest. You may not have any symptoms presently, but as you get order this may change, and as you get older, recovery, usually, is more "challenging". Good luck!


Simba replied to the topic 'Nuss bar In for 10 years!' in the forum. 3 days ago

Also, isn't there a bigger risk that the bars could start adhereing to tissues?


ters ACTIVE while DE/OLB Dominique Easley is INACTIVE In the final game injury report for tonight’s game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Minnesota Vikings http://www.ramsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-johnny-hekker-jersey , two Rams were listed as QUESTIONABLE: CB Marcus Peters and DE/OLB Dominique Easley.Well, they’re on opposite sides of the inactives tonight as Peters is a go while Easley is one of the seven inactives:ILB Mark BarronDE/OLB Dominique EasleyDL Sebastian Joseph-Day RB John KellyKR/PR JoJo NatsonDL Tanzel SmartK Greg ZuerleinNot a terrible surprise all around. Does give us some sense that Joseph-Day, Kelly and Smart are perhaps at the very end of the roster.In terms of the big news here, we’ll just have to see how much Marcus Peters we see. I suppose at this point, it wouldn’t be surprising to have him out there to start. The question will be if he can play throughout at close enough to 100% so as not to be deficiency. 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However, if you have a fringe fantasy player on your roster who has a matchup against the Jags and a backup with a more favorable individual matchup, choose the player with the better matchup.WHICH DEFENSES SHOULD I EXPLOIT ON A WEEKLY BASIS?The Chiefs have a way of making your fantasy RBs look good. Broncos RBs Philip Lindsay and Royce Freeman combined to carry the ball 20 times and averaged 6.8 YPC against the Chiefs on Monday night. Kansas City has also given up the most FPPG to RBs. The Arizona Cardinals have given up the second-most FPPG to RBs and have surrendered a league-high 141 rushing yards per game. The Bucs, Chiefs, Saints and Steelers have all been consistently weak against the pass.


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A punt Womens Tramon Williams Jersey , pass and walk down memory lane with the Acme Packers Don’t be surprised when you see the Green Bay Packers in something other than their usual green and gold this Sunday as they take on the Buffalo Bills at Lambeau. In eight of the past nine seasons, the Packers have worn a throwback uniform at Lambeau during Throwback Week, recently opting for uniforms inspired by the 1930s era team. A self-proclaimed nerd for all things history and nostalgia, I personally am a huge fan of this week. Not only is it a nod to generations past who have helped to build and create the team that we know and love today, but it’s a way to get a glimpse into all of the things about the team and the game itself that have changed since. We’re all pretty familiar with the navy and gold throwback look, but how much do we really know about the team who adorned those OG uniforms? In honor of Throwback Week, I’ve decided to share some fun facts about the Acme Packers - yes, that’s right - the Acme Packers, our very own namesake.Once upon a frozen tundra Womens Jimmy Graham Jersey , there was a local pro football team who were in need of a sponsor. Funds for uniforms and equipment back then weren’t easy to come by. In 1919, the Indian Packing Company, then in a booming wartime industry, agreed to take on that role under the direction of one Mr. Earl [Curly] Lambeau. One thing you can put in your pocket for a rainy trivia day: the team went by the “Green Bay Indians” at first, but by the end of their first year, the press started referring to them as the Packers. No bias here, but we’re glad that name stuck.For two years, the Packers practiced on a large vacant lot just west of the packing plant and played all of their home games in Hagemeister Park. Neither locations was fancy by any means, but they got the job done. With a standout record of 10-1 Authentic Randall Cobb Jersey , the Packers proved to be a force worth reckoning.In 1920, just a few weeks after the Packers’ second season ended, the Indian Packing Company was sold to the Acme Packing Co. of Chicago. The name of the team changed, as did the emblems on the uniforms and the management. On August, 27, 1921, under the ownership and management of Messrs J. Emmett and John Clair, the Acme Packers of Green Bay, Wisconsin were finally admitted to membership of the American Professional Football Association (what would eventually become the NFL). In 1922 http://www.greenbaypackersteamonline.com/nick-perry-jersey , J. Emmett surrendered his rights to the team (there may or may not have been rumors of him moving back to Chicago and starting his own franchise), and the short-lived Green Bay Football Club with Lambeau as its fearless leader, was admitted once again to the league, this time as the Green Bay Packers.The rest, as they say, is history. The Green Bay Packers extended their early lead over the Buffalo Bills in the second quarter of Sunday’s game, as second-year running back Aaron Jones broke out on the team’s third offensive drive.After Jamaal Williams got the first series and Ty Montgomery was on the field for the second, Jones got the running back duties on the third series and instantly made an impact. His first carry went for 30 yards off left tackle, and he picked up another first down a few plays later. A 17-yard gain on a screen pass set up the Packers in great position http://www.greenbaypackersteamonline.com/bryan-bulaga-jersey , and Jones punched the ball into the end zone from three yards out:Jones finished the drive with 33 rushing yards and 17 receiving, accounting for more than half of the Packers’ yardage on that series.Now that each running back has seen one drive, it will be worth monitoring who gets the majority of the snaps moving forward. Jones certainly proved in the early going that he is the most explosive runner, though Ty Montgomery picked up 43 yards on a wheel route out of the backfield. Jamaal Williams has just ten yards on three carries so far.


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Indianapolis Colts center Deyshawn Bond remembers camping out inside a cramped hotel room late last summer Youth Skai Moore Jersey , reveling in the sound of silence.For the undrafted rookie who attended high school on Indy's east side before heading to Cincinnati, cutdown weekend seemed like the perfect antithesis of draft weekend.In the spring, every college prospect dreams of picking up the phone and hearing an NFL team on the other end. But if that call comes in the first 72 hours following the preseason finale, everyone knows it's probably time to turn in a playbook and find another job.So Bond spent those first 24 hours waiting it out alone before accepting a dinner invite from his mother across town."I didn't really come out of my room that first day. Didn't get the call," Bond said. "So my mom had ended up telling me she wanted to have dinner for me and I went over and she surprised me with a lot of family. So it was an exciting time in my life."It seems just about everyone who's played in the NFL has some semblance of the same story.Hall of Fame coach Tony Dungy often started decision weekend by talking about when he sat inside a room with Pittsburgh Steelers greats Joe Greene, Mel Blount, Terry Bradshaw and Franco Harris when the knock on the door came. Dungy took a quick look around the room and instantly realized none of the four future Hall of Famers were about to be cut.But this weekend, all around the league, the stories bubble up again.Bond and a few teammates have already recounted their tales to a group of wide-eyed rookies, still hopeful of landing their dream job and some of whom envision extending the Colts' streak of consecutive seasons with an undrafted rookie on the opening day roster.Last year http://www.thecoltsfootballauthentic.com/andrew-luck-jersey-authentic , Bond and punter Rodrigo Sanchez helped keep the streak alive. Now, a whole new batch of rookies will try to make it 20 consecutive years albeit on a roster with significantly fewer openings."I've heard, a couple times," said linebacker Skai Moore, the South Carolina product who started turning heads in rookie minicamp. "What's it been, like 19 seasons an undrafted rookie made the team? Yeah, I've heard that a couple times. I hope I can (make it 20)."Moore seems like the best bet.He's been starting at middle linebacker while Anthony Walker recovers from an injured groin. But Moore isn't the only potential prospect on the roster.Cornerback Henre' Toliver has steadily moved ahead of several other undrafted rookies on the depth chart and now may have to fend off Lenzy Pipkins, whom Indy acquired in a trade with Green Bay earlier this week.Receiver Steve Ishmael is fourth on the team in receptions while safety George Odum has one of the Colts' two interceptions. Kicker Mike Badgley is 5 for 5 on field goals, including a 51-yarder he made in the fourth quarter of Saturday's win over San Francisco.Each has one more chance to impress the coaches at Cincinnati on Thursday.The biggest longshot might be Badgley, who finds himself behind one of the most reliable kickers in NFL history. Adam Vinatieri enters the season needing seven field goals to become the league's career leader and 58 points to pass Morten Andersen as the league's career scoring leader.Badgley has done nothing to hurt himself and may actually have done enough to find a spot on another team. Besides Youth Denico Autry Jersey , he has Vinatieri's stamp of approval."He's wise beyond his years and we have had a lot of good conversations," Vinatieri said. "He's a really strong-minded kid and obviously very, very talented as well. So here, there, anywhere, he's going to be successful."The reality of the salary cap is teams need productivity out of capable, less costly players such as Moore and Bond.Bond did his part in 2017, replacing the injured Ryan Kelly as Indy's starting center for the first four games — until he was carted off the field at Seattle with a season-ending torn quadriceps.There have been plenty of examples of other undrafted rookies playing big roles for the Colts. Center Jeff Saturday signed with Indy after selling electrical supplies in North Carolina and went on to form the longest-playing center-quarterback duo with Peyton Manning in league history.Dominic Rhodes rushed for 1,104 yards as a rookie in 2001 after replacing the injured Edgerrin James. Five years later, Rhodes had a vital part in Indy's Super Bowl title-winning run.Pro Bowl tight end Jack Doyle wound up making the Tennessee Titans as an undrafted rookie before the Colts claimed him off waivers in 2013.And Bond's advice to Moore Womens Matthias Farley Jersey , or anyone else feeling the angst this weekend is simple: Keep the head up and the phone might not ring."I wouldn't say you should be nervous about it. I would say just stay positive," he said. "This is not just an interview with the team you're playing with at the time, it's an interview for every team in the league. So keep a positive mindset and go out and perform at your best." The Colts’ practice squad to active roster carousel spins on this morning with yet another roster move. The Colts have elevated defensive end Al-Quadin Muhammad to the active roster and waived rookie UDFA linebacker Skai Moore in preparation for Sunday’s game against the New York Jets. The Colts have been actively using their practice squad to bolster their depth in a way I can’t remember seeing in any of the years past. Frank Reich and Chris Ballard have talked about doing this, but the myriad injuries the Colts have suffered has made it a necessity. Al-Quadin Muhammad was a waiver claim himself, during final cuts when they grabbed him after being waived by the Saints. He has played in 4 of the Colts games, starting two of them, before being waived prior to Thursday’s game and signed to the practice squad. The addition of Muhammad likely bodes poorly for Margus Hunt, who was awaiting medical clearance and had not practiced all week. He was listed as questionable, but without Hunt or Denico Autry who was already ruled out, the Colts certainly needed to bolster their defensive line depth. In his time this season Youth Kenny Moore Jersey , Muhammad has recorded 8 tackles with 1 for a loss, and 1 QB hit.Skai Moore has also been through this before as well, having spent the offseason getting starting snaps while Anthony Walker was injured. Walker quickly established himself as a talented contributor on the defense when he returned, and Moore hasn’t been much of a factor since then, recording 2 tackles in his 4 games played. This is likely good news with regard to Darius Leonard’s ability to start, as he was listed as questionable as well, but expressed confidence that he would play Sunday. The Colts defense with Leonard on the field is a different unit, and there’s a reason that Leonard is still leading the NFL in tackles despite missing a week. If he is able to play, that is a big lift for the Colts defense.


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The Dixon Five: Chiefs beat 49ers 38-27 1. Dinking and dunkingJake Roth-USA TODAY SportsOn the opening drive of Sunday’s game Youth Chris Conley Jersey , Patrick Mahomes resembled Alex Smith more than himself.Last week, I suggested that the Chiefs might want to consider running the ball a bit more or try to keep Mahomes from swinging for the fences quite so often.This idea was treated with derision by a number of commenters — and I understand their point of view.But here we are a week later, and Andy Reid’s famous scripted plays to begin the game didn’t include deep shots from his new quarterback.The opening touchdown drive wasn’t the longest touchdown drive the Chiefs have run after a kickoff since the season began, but it was close — consuming 4:55 on 11 plays.I’m not suggesting that the Chiefs should revert to this style of play.But they must be able to do it.They aren’t always going to have the luxury of being ahead by multiple scores.Sometimes, they’re going to have to eat clock with a less-commanding lead — or face a defense that will be specifically designed to shut down the Chiefs deep passing game — and the Chiefs must be able to dink and dunk.And score a touchdown anyway.On Sunday, Reid satisfied himself that his offense can successfully operate that way.Perhaps more importantly, he demonstrated to the league’s defensive coordinators that just taking the top off the Chiefs offense isn’t going to work.2. Justin Houston: valuable contributor, or overpaid has-been?Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY SportsI’m starting to see this narrative more and more: that Houston isn’t worth what he’s being paid.He’s no longer interested in being a great player.He’s gotten his payday, and he’s coasting.I will make no attempt to characterize Houston’s state of mind because I don’t have any idea what he’s thinking. And neither do you.There are people who probably know more than we do, but they aren’t talking — and furthermore, they’re not going to start.But I will say this: in two consecutive games, Houston has made game-changing plays that were nullified by penalties called against the Chiefs secondary.How much of the narrative about the Chiefs defense — and Houston himself — would be different if those plays had counted?Say what you will about Houston.When the game was on the line on Sunday, he made a play.In the fourth quarter, on second-and goal from the 12, Houston changed it to third-and goal-from the 20. It was a play that changed the potential outcome of the game.That’s what he gets paid to do.3. And about that third-and-20...At least for that next play — when Jimmy Garoppolo tried to turn a scramble into a touchdown run, Steven Nelson stood up and made a play, too.By... standing.As the TV commentators correctly pointed out, Nelson made a solid http://www.chiefsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-travis-kelce-jersey , legal hit on a quarterback who was trying to stretch the play — not one who was surrendering himself.It’s now being reported that the 49ers fear their high-priced franchise quarterback may be lost for the season with an ACL injury.So it’s possible that Garoppolo will have some extra time to consider whether his decision was wise.In the meantime... well done, Mr. Nelson.4. A non-offensive lineDenny Medley-USA TODAY SportsGoing into the game, I pointed out that so far, the Chiefs offensive line — even with Cam Erving at left guard — has provided decent protection for Patrick Mahomes.That continued on Sunday.That’s the first box we all want to see checked on the offensive line’s to-do list.We would, of course, also like to see the ground game for the Chiefs improve.It’s not acceptable for Kareem Hunt to get 44 yards on 18 carries — especially on a day where two rushers on the opposing team combined for well more than twice that much.I understand that Hunt had nothing to do with how many yards the 49ers gained.But the Chiefs aren’t going to be able to consistently win games with such a lopsided ratio of rushing yards.Much of that responsibility falls on the offensive line — and they need to do better.But let’s give them credit: when it really mattered — just like with Houston and Nelson — the offensive line did its job.Hunt was unobstructed on both of his touchdown runs, and the blocking on Hunt’s 10-yard run to seal the victory was a thing of beauty.Men of the offensive trenches: keep watching film of those plays.That’s the way to do it.5. No defense for the defenseJay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY SportsOther than their ability of stand up when there’s a lot on the line — where previously noted — there’s not much good to say about the Chiefs defense.Once again, we saw the unit give up a lot of yards by exhibiting poor tackling and blowing coverages.But it’s worth noting that the Chiefs defense seems to be able to do a decent job — which is all that is really required of them for the team to be successful, given the explosive offense Reid has assembled.They just can’t do it for a whole game. They put in a solid quarter against the Chargers, three solid quarters against the Steelers, and two solid quarters against the 49ers.If they could just play with more consistency, there might not be a lot to worry about.But we haven’t seen that yet — and the clock is ticking.The Broncos will be a difficult opponent, but the Jaguars are now looming large on the schedule, too.Whatever it is, they need to figure out, and they’d better do it soon. Stocks represent ownership in publicly traded companies that are accountable to shareholders on a quarterly basis. They tend to rise when expectations of future earnings rise and fall when expectations fall. Just meeting expectations is sometimes not enough to push prices upward, but any letdown can send prices plunging. For the Chiefs, expectations have been ratcheting upward all season. Beating a team like the Browns doesn’t necessarily push their stock higher Dustin Colquitt Jersey , but losing to them would certainly hurt it. This Chiefs team continues to perform at a high level, especially on offense. Mahomes setting records and throwing for over 300 yards is no longer a surprise, it’s the expectation. Todd Haley, when he coached here, famously held the Chiefs accountable in quarters of each season. If they can finish each quarter 3-1 or 4-0 as they’ve done so far, they’ll likely win the division and be in the driver’s seat of the AFC. This week was the start of the third quarter, and Kansas City is now 1-0 after defeating the team that just fired Haley. We’ve come to expect offensive production and wins at this point, and Mahomes continues to deliver both. Stock UPPhoto by Joe Sargent/Getty ImagesKendall Fuller: Fuller is certainly living up to expectations after a couple of tremendous performances of late. The Chiefs’ best corner is contributing in coverage, making plays on the ball and tackling in the open field. Maybe Andy Reid is right: Fuller (along with the rest of the defense) will continue to improve on the field as they get on the same page. Fuller clearly is more comfortable in recent weeks, and we should be bullish on No. 23 and the Chiefs’ defensive trend.Travis Kelce: Don’t miss this piece from our own Matt Lane on the best tight end in the NFL. I think we’ve been spoiled by the level at which Kelce plays. He consistently delivers in ways no other player at his position can. We’ve come to expect a tight end that can run routes like an elite wide receiver, can catch the ball in traffic and make big plays in clutch situations. Kelce is making it look easy and routine, but it most certainly isn’t, at least not for the rest of the league.Breeland Speaks: No, he hasn’t “arrived” yet. Speaks still has plenty of work to do before he’s the type of player that other teams have to game-plan around. That said, it feels like he’s consistently trending up and showing the type of relentless effort that you want to see. Speaks is making plays in the backfield, with a couple more tackles for loss this week, and has a chance to put together a solid rookie campaign.Photo by Jason Hanna/Getty ImagesDaniel Sorensen: As the first Chief to return from IR this season, Sorensen will step into a secondary that needs his help. Sorensen has the respect of teammates and coaches and the experience to reduce mistakes that have plagued other Chiefs safeties in 2018. Sorensen has been a good blitzing safety and has had a knack for turnovers in the past. Expectations for Sorensen’s return may be ratcheting higher than they logically should be. We’ll see if he’s able to deliver in the third quarter and beyond.Patrick Mahomes: Apparently Authentic Justin Houston Jersey , the street now expects 300 yards and 3 touchdowns each week from Mahomes because that’s just what he does. What was impressive this week is the fact that five Chiefs skill players had more than 50 yards receiving this week. He’s spreading the ball around and manipulating defenses like a much more experienced signal caller. Kareem Hunt: Kareem Hunt is coming off of his most dominant statistical performance of the season, launching himself back into the conversation of the NFL’s top backs. But, for those of us who were watching, he’s been there all along. We’re running out of superlatives for Hunt, but this stat was another eye-opener:The Chiefs rushing offense: Unfortunately for opposing defenses, it doesn’t get that much easier if someone other than Hunt carries the ball. Spencer Ware has earned more touches, after being the pass-protecting back for much of the first half season, including a huge 25-yard catch and run to move the chains this week. With 139 yards on 5.8 yards per carry this week, 198 yards on 6.8 yards per carry last week, all of a sudden, the offense that features Mahomes highlights every week can also get it done on the ground. The Chiefs feature two punishing backs that can do it all, and two receivers in Hill and Watkins that are a threat on end-arounds and other misdirection plays. Not to mention Andy Reid’s elite screen game that’s a natural extension of the run game. Mahomes gets the headlines, but the ground game is a significant part of the story.The Chiefs special teams: An overlooked part of the Chiefs success this year is the play of Dave Toub’s group. A blocked punt by Damien Williams this week was the flashy play, but these guys have been winning the field position battle all season. According to Football Outsiders, the Chiefs boast the best special teams unit in the league, and it’s not particularly close. With the league’s best passing offense, league’s best special teams unit and an improving defense and running game, this team is balanced and difficult to beat Youth Steven Nelson Jersey , regardless of what Rodney Harrison thinks.Others trending in a bullish direction: Dorian O’Daniel, Eric Murray, Chris Jones, Steven Nelson, Dee Ford, former Browns/current Chiefs on the offensive lineStock DOWNDenny Medley-USA TODAY SportsTanoh Kpassagnon: Even with Justin Houston out, Kpassagnon didn’t see significant snaps this week (Speaks outsnapped him, 65-13). He’s got four tackles and no sacks this season. He looked like a breakout candidate this preseason and even made the stock UP list last week. But, it’s possible that we overreacted to one huge play against Denver. Considering Ford’s stellar season and the development of Speaks, Kpassagnon’s window for becoming a full-time player might be closing with Houston returning.Bob Sutton: It might seem counterintuitive that Sutton makes this list again, even when the defense is showing signs of life. They are now top five in sacks, top 10 in interceptions and are among the best in the league on third down. But, some of the personnel decisions are still puzzling. He put the brakes on the #LucasLocomotive (Jordan Lucas was only on the field for 12 defensive snaps this week) and continued to roll with Ron Parker despite what seems to be obvious breakdowns. The Chiefs have struggled this season with some deficiencies that ultimately are a blueprint for the league to exploit. Can Sutton make adjustments in personnel and tendencies before it costs the team wins?Eric Berry: The heart and soul of this team might still be coming in like a super hero to help with a playoff run, but I’m done entertaining that idea. Listen, nobody is a bigger fan of the man and the career of Eric Berry, but the perpetual day-to-day status is becoming as much of a depressing punch line as this stat:Others trending in a bearish directions: Demetrius Harris, Frank Zombo, NFL refereesStock FLATJay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY SportsTyreek Hill: He’s still the most dangerous player in the NFL Allen Bailey Jersey , but he’s taken a bit of a backseat to Kelce, Watkins and Hunt in recent weeks. No worries, Hill’s next “breakout” game is coming soon, maybe even this week...Derrick Nnadi and Xavier Williams: It’s hard to give too much credit to the nose tackles on a team that struggles against the run as much as the 2018 Chiefs. But, to my eye, these two don’t share much of the blame either. The lunch-pail defenders up front get push and hold up well at the line of scrimmage, but too often, breakdowns happen behind them. These two have been pretty much as expected, solid and strong but not dynamic.Anthony Hitchens: Playing through a painful injury this week, Hitchens showed some signs of being the guy the Chiefs expected him to be. He’s still not great in coverage, but he deserves some credit, even if only for toughness. Others who are who we thought they were: Allen Bailey, Orlando Scandrick, Sammy Watkins


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The Bears defense has not been at its best in the fourth quarter this season Womens Prince Amukamara Jersey , but they saved their best for last on Thanksgiving.Safety Eddie Jackson returned an interception 41 yards for a touchdown with six minutes left in the fourth quarter and cornerback Kyle Fuller picked off Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford in the end zone with just over a minute to play. Tarik Cohen would run for a first down with the help of guard James Daniels on third-and-nine to ice the 23-16 win in Detroit.Jackson’s touchdown was the sixth of the year for the Bears defense, his third of the year and the fifth of his NFL career. Jackson was a rookie in 2017, so he’s been very busy on that front.It was a snoozy first half for both teams offensively http://www.bearsfootballauthentics.com/bobby-massie-jersey-authentic , but things picked up after the break. Chase Daniel was 27-of-37 for 230 yards and two touchdowns in his first start since 2014 and also caught a pass from wide receiver Anthony Miller on a double pass. The Lions didn’t allow Chicago much on the ground, so Daniel’s performance was all the more vital on Thursday.LeGarrette Blount had his biggest day of the year for the Lions, who came into the game without the services of Kerryon Johnson due to a knee injury. Blount ran 19 times for 88 yards Womens Dion Sims Jersey , caught a pass for 15 yards and scored a pair of touchdowns.Blount getting some traction on the ground led to some success in play action for the Lions and their passing game perked up as the afternoon unfolded. They almost hit on a game-tying touchdown on their final offensive possession, but Kenny Golladay couldn’t hold onto a Stafford throw and Fuller picked off the next pass to seal the win.The Lions could have used more of that dynamism early in the game as they limited Stafford to short stuff with Marvin Jones out of the lineup. Stafford would hit Golladay with one deep shot, but the attempts to stretch the field need to come more often if a quarterback with Stafford’s arm at your disposal.The Bears will visit the Giants in Week 13 and hope to have Mitchell Trubisky back from his shoulder injury for that contest. The Lions will be hosting the Rams and it feels like that will officially kick off the playing out the string portion of the Detroit season. Bears head coach Matt Nagy said on Wednesday that the team will be cautious with linebacker Khalil Mack‘s practice workload this week after he hurt his ankle against the Dolphins last Sunday.That cautious approach led the Bears to keep Mack out of practice on Wednesday and they did so again on Thursday. They’ll practice again on Friday and release injury designations later in the day.It would seem to be a good bet that Mack will be listed as questionable http://www.bearsfootballauthentics.com/charles-leno-jersey-authentic , but there’s been no indication to this point that he’s in serious risk of missing Sunday’s game against the Patriots. Mack left the loss to Miami briefly, but wound up playing 62 snaps and has never missed a game over the course of his NFL career.It’s less clear what the outlook might be for wide receiver Allen Robinson. Robinson went from being limited on Wednesday due to a groin injury to sitting out the session altogether. That may also be a sign of caution from the team, but mid-week downgrades can also portend an absence come Sunday.


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It is my understanding that leaving the bars in for longer then 3 years is very dangerous overall due to the bar rubbing and wearing into your ribs and sternum. It is possible the points of contact can become weak and fail causing a catostrophic condition.
I just wanted to mention this here unless someone was debating getting the bars out.


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Based on your photo you should qualify for the Nuss.
I guarantee you have heart compression and it is probably just something you perceive as normal in terms of symptoms.
Many people do not feel the full effects until later in life.....my symptoms did not surface until age 38ish.


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