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Randy replied to the topic 'LOOKING FOR RANDY' in the forum. 6 hours 41 minutes ago

Hey Again

Where you located?

Well, I have been to Berlin and across USA visiting many PE Surgeons, I was a trip! So, you are most likely correct in stating you have seen my images with other surgeons. However, Schaar did Nuss me with 2 bars.

In my years in the PE world, a Haller Index (HI) >3.5 is considered sever. However most InsCo’s require a HI of >3.2 to approve a claim. Your images clearly display your PE, it appears to be long, wide and semi shallow.

You made a good decision to hit the gym, training with progressive weights and rep’s builds strength, mass, mental fortitude and confidence. Yet, the depressing truth at the end of the day is this – NO amount of muscle mass will improve the PE Dent, in many cases, the developed Pectoral muscles only make the dent appear deeper. Yet this alone is NO reason to stop training.

Most humans suffer from some degree of Depression, how we handle the depression determines the depression depth. Hands Down! 100% Historically Proven, the best Medication to reduce and keep depression under control and at arms length is as follows. Stay massively active, both physically and mentally. Keep in a group of friends, don’t be an Island or Antisocial. Train hard 6 days each week, 4 with weights 2 cardio bike rides or runs. Read books that stretch your current abilities in any area. Music, Real Estate, Business…..

The Automobile crash may or may not have any effected your breathing. same with the scoliosis and PE. It is extremely difficult to test and place a conclusion on the breathing issue. Mostly we make broad reaching assumptions. I can make a suggestion / test for the lung capacity and breathing issue. This is very difficult, it will be up to you. Get a nice mountain bike and a FitBit. Begin doing cardio on the street using the bike, recording the entire ride with the FitBit. Try this 3X/Wk for 90 days. Print the data and view the results. Many labored breathing issues can be fixed with massive cardio.

The clothing issue will be a trial n error approach until you find the right brand / sizes for your liking. Don’t sweet this one much. Most likely you are the only one who can see the flared rib issue when standing up straight. We are hypersensitive about our appearance.

PE repair will not fix the flared rib issue, these flared ribs are a nasty mean issue. With or without PE repair the rib flares will remain the same. Schaar has a technique for correcting rib flares, but it is not perfected. The flare keep returning.

Hope these few words helps you!



Undecided replied to the topic 'Opinions on my Pectus' in the forum. 9 hours 32 minutes ago

Myshkin, yes and no. My breathing is posture dependent. What I mean by that is that for the last year I have been working out. Working out is the only thing that has ever let me stand up straight and achieve (force) good posture, alignment of the spine, etc. When I do this I can draw an almost full breath, maybe like 95%, but its difficult because I have to belly breath and really focus on maintaining that posture and belly breathing - but I can do it.

That being said there are not that many shirts that let me walk around with fully erect posture which is part and parcel to me reaching out on this forum because I started having nightly panic attacks as a result of things trending the way they have recently.


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Undecided replied to the topic 'Opinions on my Pectus' in the forum. 9 hours 57 minutes ago

Can you read this post www.pectus.com/forums/2-introductions/1257-looking-for-randy and tell me if you would still give me the same advice?


Undecided replied to the topic 'LOOKING FOR RANDY' in the forum. 9 hours 59 minutes ago

Thanks, Definately seen a "Hot Rod" surgeon, saw them a year and a month ago and they offered to Nuss me infact, wasn't schar though. Swear I saw pictures of you with someone other than schar once but the internet is a wierd place that has decieved me more than once.

The problem was that I went to see this surgeon, have the tests run, find out my Haller, etc. with the intention of it giving me some kind of assistance in determine whether or not I should be pursuing this in the first place.

What I mean by that is simply that my PE has obviously affected me my entire life ( I wouldn't be here if it hadn't) from a psychological stand point. From a very young age I, like many of us, was told by family and family doctor it was cosmetic or that they couldn't see anything at all. So, at 28 I worked up the courage, saved up the money made an appointment directly with the surgeon them self (there was a fun incident where my PCP refused to give me a CT scan), flew across the country and had a consult.

To get to the point, I'm borderline. How borderline you may ask? I'm not going to say the surgeons name or give any identifying characteristics because in the consult my haller came back one basis point below the traditional watermark but when the surgeon came in for their part of the conversation and did something to the effect of "eh I dont know likes like it might actually be one basis point above to me". On the one hand, I can get the surgery, yay thats awesome. On the other hand It did nothing for me in terms of me going down there to help my decision because technically I can get the surgery but the thing I had in my head as far as what my measuring stick for that (Haller) was came back below what I was using to measure it against (A Haller of greater than 3.2 or whatever it is).

So, the expensive trip to the surgeon only really informing me that I can get nussed not that I should (the surgeon did say it would improve my life for other reasons but I'm not sure I believe them / think those reasons are worth it) I decided I was going to hit the gym super hard , see what getting back in shape could do for me and hopefully find an answer along the way.

This is the part of why I was looking for you. Going to the gym is, as I have recently become aware, become on of the most important things in my life. I have always wanted to look like a bodybuidler despite or because of my PE, but it also gave me a means to get out of the house when my PE had me depressed and gave me something that made me feel like I was making progress as I rehab my body from a bad car accident (I was t boned by somenoe going 55 in a 30).

That car accident affected me alot because my pectus has given me posture dependent breathing difficulties. what I mean by that is that if I left my posture slip and allow my spine to curve forward I can have a fairly easy time breathing. The drawback is that this posture is awful for basically anything except catching your breath if you have PE. The other part of it is that if I force good upright posture (because I do have to force it) then breathing becomes very labored because as I achieve and force thoracic extension and align my spine my rib flare starts to jut out, I have to engage belly breathing and it gets very difficult to fill my lungs completely (some days it feels like i can get 80% some days 90%).

If I dont force good posture I have recently become aware that the weaker muscles in my hips kind of disengage completely since they cant keep up with the wierd posture. There are ways around this but whether the result of the pectus or the car accident it basically amounts to me wearing super light, super loose clothing because if the clothing is in anyway restrictive its like my rib flare presses against the clothing and then because of where it is adds extra force to pull me forward into bad posture ( as stupid as it is I have attached a picture).

The reason I go into such depth about seemingly unrelated things is because after reading how hard it was for you to breath with your bars in in your old post, I seriously Don't know if any of this would help me.

To be honest, I dont mind how I look with my shirt off that bad, but yes I would obviously like it to be better. My biggest two concerns are A) I have never been able to wear proper fitting clothes that felt well at the same time (compared to everyone else) and B) My breathing sucks

I dont know if either of those two things would be made better by being nussed since my haller is so borderline and unfortunately my surgeon was quite busy so its not like I got to chat alot with them. The other things I am concerned about that I wanted someone to give their input on is that for the past few years I have been using cannabis in lieu of anti depressants to deal with the depression and anxiety my pectus has given me. I am now recently on anti depressants but I never mentioned this to my surgeon as I was ashamed and now I wonder if this would inhibit my recovery and thus impair my results as from what I have come to understand the lasting affect of the repair comes from lung volume exercises that start in recovery? I am in the gym 3 or 4 times a week and cycle a little bit on the weekends so i dont know if that balances things out but I felt it should be mentioned since I a'm looking for input.

The last thing is that I was diagnosed with scoliosis in grade school though its very slight, and I honestly forgot to mention it to my surgeon when I saw them, I have come to understand that being nussed can either fix or make this worse and its really a crap shoot. Do you know anything about that?

I wanted to run all of this by you because I was hoping you seeming to know your way around a gym given your profile pic and because of that breathing post i mentioned. After reading your post I am seriously scared that the thing I thought might fix all my problems could in fact make them worse.

Sorry if this got wordy or dis jointed, I have been wanting to talk to someone about this for a long time and recently started bumping up into a way in terms of being able to find comfortable clothing that is halfway respectable to wear to the office and lets me stand up straight. It seems the only brand of shirts I can find that do not agitate my rib flair are an extremely baggy brand of lightweight golf shirts. To put this into perspective as to why I am losing my sh*t so much, these golf shirt that I mention are the only thing that I have found that allow me to stand fully erect and take as full of a breath as I can - And I say this after wasting $1500 over the course of the last month trying to find anything remotely socially acceptable to wear that didn't agitate or restrict my pectus. This caused me to wake up 3 nights in a row from panic attacks that I only recently realized were because I was freaking out every morning because everything I owned was either so restrictive I couldnt stand up straight or I couldnt expand my rib cage fully to breathe in all the way.

do you have any advice, flavor, input, ANYTHING? that you might be able to say about any of that given how minor people tell me my pectus is (including my surgeon if its so borderline)? I'm scared that I am going to be facing a lifetime of funny looking clothes or taking a gamble on a surgery that I cant undo.

Pics of my pectus & Diagram of what I think my rib flair is doing when in restrictive clothing attached because why not.


Fish replied to the topic 'Opinions on my Pectus' in the forum. 11 hours 9 minutes ago

Really tough call.....you have a minor pectus. It's affecting you psychologically obviously what about physically? Shortness of breath or pain?
I would highly recommend Dr J. I think she would give you great advice on whether surgery is right for you. They have seen thousands of patients just like you and they know the outcomes of those surgeries.
I can tell you from experience that it will change your life when you don't have to try on five different shirts. I am now a much different person and much more confident.
You will experience a lot of pain from the surgery and there are risks involved with the surgery. I am now preparing to get my bars out and I have to worry again about going through another surgery.
If I were you I would live with it, but I'm not in your shoes.
Good Luck with whatever you decide.


Fish replied to the topic 'PE Family!' in the forum. 11 hours 27 minutes ago

IMO I would not be mentioning anything about PE to your 7 year old besides maybe suggesting sitting up straight. Breathing exercises are not going to change anything with regard to the development of PE. You might want to encourage sports that require strong use of the lungs to build lung strength. You may also want to speak with a specialist in PE about options such as bracing or vacuum bell. As you probably know the biggest problem with PE is the psychological aspect, especially as a teen. I would recommend doing whatever you can to prevent your children from being embarrassed or overly self concious if they develop PE.
If you're having heart problems and have severe pectus you will want to go to a specialist in PE to find out what is causing your issue. If you go to a normal heart doctor, like I did, there is a chance they will tell you everything is fine, when it's not.


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Fish replied to the topic 'Wedge Pillow, Recliner...' in the forum. 11 hours 49 minutes ago

You'll want somebody around to help you with eating and drinking, going to the store etc... often it hurt to bad to get up and make meals. You will spend a lot of time in a recliner so you will want to have sheets, blanket, pillows, maybe some slippers. All stuff you can wash. If you enjoy TV, have that set-up with movies.
Yes a wedge pillow for the bed, sometimes you will want to lay in a bed (slightly upright). Tons of pillows.
Goos luck!


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Newtonian created a new topic ' Wedge Pillow, Recliner...' in the forum. 19 hours 21 minutes ago

What are other things I should get to make me comfortable after the surgery?


sharona replied to the topic 'PE Family!' in the forum. yesterday

Thanks for sharing this. I'm noticing it most when I sit an a sort of hunched position. Last night was so bad and lasted for so long that I almost called an ambulance! I'm sorry this happened to you, but it helps to know that I'm not crazy in wondering if there is a connection. And that's so funny that you didn't know -- neither did my husband! His mom told him it was from sleeping on his stomach, so that's what he believed!


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A visitor didn't find helpful a review for Dr. Kerry Sullivan, written by jeremysiri yesterday

This surgeon should be avoided at all costs. She led me to believe it was in her capacity to repair my Pectus Excavatum without issue. She believes...

Civs789 replied to the topic '28 months post surgery issue' in the forum. yesterday

That's an interesting question I don't think we have an answer to because of his age and size. He was very lanky at 13, and still is, so his shirts were usually quite loose so they would fit him in the arms and be long enough on his torso. I remember the surgeon told us he only sees tall thin boys coming in for this surgery, lol, but he was a pediatric surgeon also. I do recall my son was quite self conscious of his rib flare before and after his surgery, and that would sometimes be visible under shirts if they were that clingy sport shirt material. The rib flare is a lot less noticeable now because he has been lifting for football and baseball at his school. The surgery was not a complete correction either, there still was a tiny dent left, but the surgeon and nurses all said when he started to fill out it would be much less noticeable, and they were correct, you can barely see it now.

We are still waiting to hear back on the X-ray results; if there is an issue the surgeon will see him right away and determine what to do next. If nothing shows up on the X-ray, then we have to get in line with everyone else at the monthly pectus clinics they hold, so it could be a few months before he gets the bar out if that's what we need to do. Hoping to hear back on Monday.

Feel free to ask any questions about our experiences. I'm happy to answer. We were fortunate to know of two boys that had the surgery, and we asked their them or their parents a lot of questions!


Eric the red shared a photo. yesterday

Eric the red replied to the topic 'PE Family!' in the forum. yesterday

Hi, I'm 54 and never knew my pectus excavatum had a name until last year. I also started having heart palpitations and noticed during a bike race a sudden difference in performance. Went to the Dr and after some testing I found out my aortic valve was leaking due to a congenital condition. I'm not saying you have the aortic valve issue, but they did more testing for my pectus and it turned out that my right ventricle was also compressed and only putting out about 50% of what it should be. Nine weeks ago I went to Mayo clinic in Scottsdale and had the heart valve replaced and Dr Jaroszweski do the Nuss procedure. www.drjpectus.com/blank-2 Hope that helps and good luck.


sharona created a new topic ' PE Family!' in the forum. yesterday

Hi, I'm a woman in my 40s with untreated PE and so is my husband! I came to this site for a couple reasons. My husband and I have been lucky in that neither of us were really bothered by the physical aspects of our PE growing up. However, lately I've been having awful heart palpitations. My PE is pretty severe, so I came to see if others are having similar issues and they do seem to be! We also have two children and I know at least one of them will probably have PE if not both. Since my kids at least have the benefit of parents who know what to look for, I'm trying to get a ahead of this a little and figure out if my kiddos do have it. My older son who is 7 seems to have an ever so slight indent and some rib flaring. My 4 year old still shows no signs. (Interestingly, I had low vitamin D with my first child and not with my second -- connection?!) Anyway, it sounds like PE can progress rapidly around puberty though, so I'm trying to stay ahead of this. I'm wondering if it's time to get the 7 year old started on breathing and posture work now, for example. I look forward to chatting with you all!


Randy replied to the topic 'LOOKING FOR RANDY' in the forum. yesterday

Hey no Problem! You can either pm me or post the question here. The benefit of public questions and answers is for future readers. Schar nussed me, depending on where you live, many "Hot Rod" nuss surgeons are available today.



Undecided replied to the topic 'LOOKING FOR RANDY' in the forum. 2 days ago

I used to read your posts when the PDSG forum was still running, can I PM you if not I can do it here, I wanna ask you about something I read from an old post of yours about breathing with the nuss bars in.

Thanks for letting me say hi, i'm trying to make up my mind as to get nussed or not, i believe by the same surgeon who did you and found myself creeping on your old posts today.


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Myshkin replied to the topic 'Opinions on my Pectus' in the forum. 2 days ago

It doesn't look ugly or anything. Is it giving you problems healthwise?


Myshkin created a new topic ' Recovery & Playing an Instrument' in the forum. 2 days ago

Musicians, how long was it before you could play your instrument after the Nuss, and what do you play?


Myshkin replied to the topic 'Possible metal allergy. What are my options?' in the forum. 2 days ago

Hey, Undecided. I got your PM, but private messages are down right now. I'll get back to you soon!


Randy replied to the topic 'LOOKING FOR RANDY' in the forum. 2 days ago

Yah Man, Im still around. So, What's Up??



Randy replied to the topic 'LOOKING FOR RANDY' in the forum. 2 days ago

Yah Man, Im still around. So, What's Up??



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