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Yesterday, I hit the 1 month post-op mark!
Unfortunately, before hitting that mark, I was in the hospital for 3 days.... Nothing with the bars though. I had generated a bad stomach ulcer (internal bleeding) due the long daily intake of Ibuprofen 600mg pain meds. Although I used to take it with Pantoprazole 20mg without exception, I still managed to generate the bleeding.
But I'm happy to say they clipped the wound and I'm back on my way to recovery.
Another detail: my pleural effusion is reducing so I'll probably be "fluidfree" soon :)

I had 3 full days of inactivity in the hospital (no breathing exercises, little walking...) because of severe fatigue (very low hemoglobin level)... and I really felt that after discharge. I felt very cramped, short of breath, dizzy, pain and oversensitive.
Since yesterday afternoon I decided to bite through and hop on my bike, reprise my breathing training and do some walking. And I must say it did miracles for me. The pain is subsiding and I can breathe more freely now. It's 12 PM and I managed without any pain meds. Movement and training really are key for a good recovery.

Concerning the pain meds, of course, I'm not allowed to take any more Ibuprofen. So I'm sticking to Dafalgan Forte 1g tablets. I try to reduce to pain meds to max. 2 tablets daily and 1 Pantomed 40mg to recover my stomach from that episode. Moving towards getting off those meds asap!

Think I'll finally try some swimming tomorrow. Really hope it'll be all smooth sailing from now on....
My scars are healing really well btw. Have been applying Kelo-Cote scar gel (sillicon based) twice daily and it's working like a charm :)


Newchest replied to the topic 'New member with some questions' in the forum. 7 days ago

Hi Ymous, I'm sure you probably have read my comments in the topic thread "PC chest scared of surgery Ravitch" where I gave details of my experience and some advice....Pls keep in mind that I'm over 40 so, my recovery should be slower than someone much younger....Let me just share an update of my condition and answer some questions based on my experience after my modified Ravitch surgery performed in the US. It has been a little over 1 year now and I am doing very well. I spent the first 3 days at the hospital, 4 days in a hotel around the hospital and 2 weeks at home after the surgery and did not do any type of excercise, actually, I tended to get tired and chest pain if I got agitated the first 3-4 weeks. I went back to work after three weeks but I should have waited one more week and work from home. I started doing some excercise probably after 3 months but only on my lower body and then my upper body after 5 months (I did not want to rush anything)...I did very well with pain, I never experienced any significant pain as they gave me a good combination of oral and intravenous morphine based medicines...the first week was the worst but still not that bad ...I remember my worst pain being when I had to walk (about 100 meters) to my hotel room 3 days after surgery as I got agitated and my chest really hurt as I tried to breath deeper (I flew back home 7 days after the surgery by myself)...so as long as you take it easy those first days, you should be fine....I actually started lowering the pain medicine dose faster and stopped using it earlier than expected ...This type of medicine made feel sleepy/slow....also, I did not want to get use to using it to feel better....

My chest looks great now, almost perfect ( I have a minor PE on the my left coastal side which was not corrected)...I have a 10 cm scar but it was 15 cm initially as this has been "erasing" by the everyday use of Mederma cream (the scar in the abdomen is a little more difficult to erase as these muscles move all the time)... I still have the titanium plate in my chest (curved thin bar of about 20 cm long and 1 cm wide), and likely it will stay there forever due to my age.....My chest is still a little numb but much better than months ago and getting better every day (I remember being concerned about this). I am going to the gym now 4 times a week and started doing chest press with weight about 6 months ago (I am now using at 30 kg as I am taking it easy - used to do 50 kg), I am also doing pull downs and dumbell curls ...I believe that the abdomen muscles are taken a little longer to recover than the pectoral muscles although maybe it is because I have not formally excercised the first in a while....

I do not think there is anything I will not be able to do now that I could do before....however, Iam not as active as when I was 20.....I will probably not try to go crazy with heavy weight workouts, just enough to keep me in decent shape....I still do not like to lay down on my sides, I am able to do it now (not before) and does not hurt now but I just do not feel comfortable/confident.....I'm sure that will change with time...

Hope this helps


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murlumpa created a new topic ' new england surgeons' in the forum. 7 days ago

anyone know of experienced surgeons to perform the nuss procedure in new england? i have consultated with Dr. Croitoru who has lots of experience with children but not so much with adults. i guess i would describe his techniques as "old school" which maybe tried and true is the way to go but also some to the new techniques seem to be working better in older adults.(I am 40 years old with a haller index of 4.7.)


Besch’s sunken chest is due to a genetic condition the medical community calls “pectus excavatum.” It’s common, but Besch’s case is severe and it’s...

WhoseDent replied to the topic 'Pectus Up (Taulinoplasty)' in the forum. 1 week ago

Hello Dr. Núñez,

I have an idea which I think would enable Taulinoplastia to be used in adults of any age. You said that the procedure was difficult to do on the person over 40 years old because there was "no flexibility in his thorax".

To over come the limited ability of the pectus up system to raise an adults thorax I think using the rultract system would work. Dr. Jaroweski already uses this technique in the United States to fully remove the dent, then slide the nuss bars into place on fully grown adults.

You could use the rultract to fully remove the dent, then use the pectus up device to secure the thorax in it's new position. This would be a modified taulinoplastia, but I feel it would enable you to overcome the limitations of the device, namely its inability to raise calcified and older chests.

Please let me know your thoughts on this.


Fish replied to the topic 'Help Ease My Mind' in the forum. 1 week ago

A haller of 5.8 is well above the normal cut-off, that shouldn't be an issue at all. The issue will be how your insurance system works, I have heard of problems getting the surgery in Canada despite severe defects. The heart tests are frequently normal with pectus, Haller or Corrective index (or visual) is the proof.
If they don't approve it I would contact Dr. J office in Phoenix Arizona, tell them your situation and go from there.


PEctusaurunuss replied to the topic 'What are the best healthcare plans for Pectus Excavatum?' in the forum. 1 week ago

Had Cigna HDHP and Mayo was in network. It was a breeze in my case.


Fish replied to the topic 'What are the best healthcare plans for Pectus Excavatum?' in the forum. 1 week ago

It will probably depend on where you are going to have surgery, as an adult that will quickly narrow your choices.
I would select a surgeon, then call them to see what insurance plans they accept. A lot of times they can talk to the insurance company to substantiate the surgery. Obviously with pectus this would be a clear impact on your overall health and not just cosmetic.
I would think any pectus surgery staff would be free to tell you about the best way to be covered by insurance, just give them a call....
I would not do this surgery without insurance period. The risk is too great to be in the hospital for long periods of time with complications. My insurance (blue cross) has an out of pocket max, $2000, the surgery total was $85,000. If you go with no insurance I have heard it being $30k-65k. Many people have gone out of the US to pay cash for the surgery with Dr Schaar for example. You could always message those people and see what they thought about it.
Good Luck!


AltCoin created a new topic ' What are the best healthcare plans for Pectus Excavatum?' in the forum. 1 week ago

I went to a pediatric surgeon when I was ~12 and I remember him saying my Haller index was very close to the mark where my insurance plan at the time would cover it, but my mother was hesitant and ended up leaving the choice up to me and, me being scared, I told the doctor no. I am now 28 and I am strongly considering the surgery but I am currently without health insurance and I'm not sure if my past choice will prevent insurance from covering the surgery. I plan on ordering my medical records so that I can look through everything written down previously.

The following questions have been on my mind for the past year or so:

1. When looking for a plan, are there any that will give me better odds of them covering the surgery than others?

2. When considering plans, what should I be looking for and how long should I be with them before attempting to seek out the surgery? (My wife has Aetna EPO and I'm considering getting a plan with them, but I hear they fight pretty hard against these costly surgeries.)

3. How much can I expect to pay out of pocket with and without insurance? (I understand most places cut the price in half if the individual doesn't have health insurance?)


Thanks so much, Anna :) Although this sounds harsh, it's such a relief I don't need to feel like 'a freak of nature' any longer....

I read some excerpts of your story and realize your recovery process wasn't easy. How are you doing today?



JohnBranch replied to the topic 'Pectus Up (Taulinoplasty)' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

LuisBGarcía wrote: Hello! I´m from Spain.
I have Pectus excavatum (Haller >5). Next week i will

be operated by a new technique called Pectus Up. I saw a lot of children and young people operated and I decided by this technique. I will be operated in Hospital Taulí, in Barcelona, by Dr. Bernardo Núñez.
Then i will tell you about everything

How did it go?


Hi Chris,
It looks VERY good :-) And this is the honest opinion of a picky woman. A very picky one... ;-) Plural effusion will resolve over time. The best way to solve it fast is to do your breathing exercises with the spirometers, first the one with the 3 blue balls and then the Voldyne


Anna replied to the topic 'Female/45/ Nuss for PE with Prof. Schaarschmidt - Sept 2016' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Thanks :-) I am very touched by your message. I wish you all the best too! :-)



JoelPectus added 2 photos for Dr. Joel Cazares MD FACS 2 weeks ago

Thanks Aussiedent, glad to hear that :)
The overcorrection is there. But it's most noticable from an above angle, like when i look down. It doesn't really bother me atm, I am happy with the improvement. My case was a really distorted one and I do realize I've acquired some mental issues over my chest aesthetics. I'm astonished with what Prof. Schaar achieved with just these 2 bars. It shows how incredibly skillful he is.
Just hope all keeps going smooth, because pectus repair and recovery is so unpredictable.

Small update: I am doing better. I have the feeling my plural effusion is stabilizing. There are times I feel somewhat comfortable, other moments I feel dreadful. But my energy level is rising every day, and I can keep managing with 2 Ibuprofens a day. Keeping those fingers crossed...


harmony replied to the topic 'Female/45/ Nuss for PE with Prof. Schaarschmidt - Sept 2016' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

I cannot thank you enough for sharing your story Anna!

You are a brave and generous woman. Funny too. I enjoyed getting to know your story (and your personality) through your posts.

I'm 49 and suffer from Acquired Thoracic Dystrophy from a Ravitch surgery at the age of 4. Now I have similar symptoms to Pectus but mostly due to my small ribcage and scar tissue pushing my heart into my left lung. I'm excited that you are feeling better with more energy. I will continue to think of you as an inspiration and send you lots of luck for each of your tomorrows. :)


I am skinny. At 6 ft and 135 lb (182 cm, 61 kg), my BMI is 18.3, at the edge of clinically underweight. I’ve been this size since I was 15 (I’m 23...

Wow! Your chest looks great! An excellent result!

I can't see much of the over correction or asymmetry that you speak of. It looks like a good correction to me especially given your complex case.

I'm sorry to hear of your pleural effusion complication. It is a common and painful complication after nuss procedures. Hopefully that subsides for you very soon.


Post-op pics with x-rays


Let me upload some pics. This is a before pic.